Bug #742

Blank screen when using samples

Added by Paul Kitching about 1 year ago. Updated 12 months ago.

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I an getting lots of problems with Beta 7. I tracked it down to having samples in the 5.samples directory. When I removed them it worked again, though I could also get the program to run bu adding a shoot command in a particular place.
I created a new application as an AOZ one, then made this:

//shoot     // disable this line to break the whole thing, unless you have no samples.
print "End"
wait key

I have a wav file in 5.samples.
If I enable the shoot command it runs and prints End. If I comment the line I just get a blank screen (AOZ player or browser). If I delete the sample it runs.
I've attached the HTML of the broken program.
I was told that the transpiler didn't include the audio scripts and that's why it failed.

I'm having similar random problems in another Amiga program. Various things are mis-behaving (blanks screen, screens not showing things I print, audio giving bank errors, etc), which might all be because of this problem.

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