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10:05 PM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #870 (Closed): Sprite and bobs not appearing (Librewolf) browser
No I believe this is an issue now with librewolf, just simply even in later versions tested (now 8 months later) feat... malcolm harvey


08:46 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #904 (New): Firefox putting input into the keyboard using vol mute/vol+/vol- windows ver only
With mozilla firefox, I noticed it seams to randomly fiddle around with the pc volume + and - keys and vol mute key d... malcolm harvey


10:06 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #903 (New): .AMOS import now wont complete when importing (Stuck on importing).
The current live ver B15 u24, if you try and import .amos code now says, "importing amos program" and that is all tha... malcolm harvey


10:24 PM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #899 (Resolved): Sprite movements using eg: move y 1,"(1,4,15)(1,-4,15)l" : move on 1 and move x 1,"(1,2,50)(1,-2,50)l" : move on 1
From also the previous ticket 887, the sprite movements are still continuing after stopping the previous sprite movme... malcolm harvey


12:36 PM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #850: CMD Open URL
Tried again now, Open Url "" comes up internal error. malcolm harvey


10:44 PM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #897: Sprite Anim - Anim on restarts old animations
ANIM can be used yes with ANIM on/off [n] with either amiga/atarist cmds/instr's.
If you don't specify (number) it w...
malcolm harvey


11:12 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #863 (Closed): Randomly and only sometimes delayed help appears on an item f6
Seams to be corrected in a later version.
Closed for now.
malcolm harvey
10:28 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #892 (Closed): Bob/Sprite Move x/y <num> and Bob/Sprite Move on <num> have no effect
malcolm harvey
10:28 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #891 (Closed): Move y <sprite/bob num> & Move on jittery and slooow in Beta 12
This was to do with the viewer speed, which was now corrected and sped up by francois as much as possible.
Possibly ...
malcolm harvey
10:25 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #866: Every interrupt function causing random amiga issues
This has now been resolved, an update recently by francois has fixed it.
malcolm harvey

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