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07:26 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #870 (New): Sprite and bobs not appearing (Librewolf) browser
Currently Librewolf not displaying bobs and sprite or background using bobs etc currently. https://librewolf-communit... malcolm harvey


09:54 PM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #867 (New): Set Interval procedure routine jumpy problem in previewer
I have discovered that there is a bug with Set Interval in the previewer.
If you have set a Set Interval previously ...
malcolm harvey
12:02 PM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #866 (New): Every interrupt function causing random amiga issues
Using Every function or cmd is causing..(Amiga mode manifest issue). Beta 10&11 same.
a) Gosubs do not complete at r...
malcolm harvey


01:39 PM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #862 (Closed): Erase all
Strange I was doing this previously and they did give error. eg: Below in my main code when it hit the Erase ALL.
I ...
malcolm harvey
09:23 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #862: Erase all
Ok ill go try and reproduce again.. malcolm harvey


10:26 PM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #864 (New): issue loading .mp3 files under resource/assets/subfolders
There is a bug, with .wav and .ogg work from a sub folder under assets eg: resources/assets/tunes but if you want to ... malcolm harvey
01:29 PM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #863 (New): Randomly and only sometimes delayed help appears on an item f6
Sometimes if you have the cursor over say and instruction and you press f6 in the ide, it should bring up the help an... malcolm harvey
11:20 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #862 (Closed): Erase all
The Erase all cmd comes up with a GURU now in Beta 11. malcolm harvey


10:45 PM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #850 (New): CMD Open URL
It seams the cmd below, Open URL brings up internal error currently.
eg: Open URL URL$=""
malcolm harvey


11:10 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #848: Actor Angle,StartAngle,EndAngle not working values make no diff.
Note: It looks though now you can use either type of float eg: 1 or 0.x or 0.xx etc all works for values anyways no e... malcolm harvey

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