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07:44 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #638 (New): Show In Explorer no longer works.
When I right-click on a filename, and select "Show in Explorer", this no longer works.
(See attached error message.)...
Brian Flanagan


09:57 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #617 (Closed): Right$ fails in Amiga manifest. Commas fail in Amiga mode.
Verified... now works in both manifests. Thanks! Brian Flanagan


09:34 PM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #636 (New): The "Pac Guy" does not rotate properly in ASCII Man Reloaded.
The up & down rotation of the "pac guy" doesn't work at all.
The left and right rotation works fine.
Perhaps this...
Brian Flanagan
09:23 PM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #635 (New): The context based help (F5) just brings up a blank black box which then goes away.
It does not matter which keyword the cursor is on.
I also tried fully highlighting the keyword. That doesn't help...
Brian Flanagan
11:32 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #634 (Resolved): The AMOS demos volumes are no longer accessible.
For example: Trying to access a file on AMOSPro_Tutorial: volume now causes a "File system not available" error.
Brian Flanagan
11:06 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #619: #caseSensitive tag in IDE.aoz causes a syntax error.
Huh? I have no idea what you're talking about.
There are NO requirements of specific case on parameters. This is...
Brian Flanagan
10:58 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #633 (New): QRCode Reader demo fails before even trying to scan.
See attached error message. Brian Flanagan
09:52 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #632 (New): Circular Movement demo has a problem with the "circles" being drawn.
The "Circular Movement" demo needs to improve the resolution of the circles drawn illustrating the movement. The act... Brian Flanagan
08:42 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #621: Screen Scale now fails with an Internal error.
Re-tested in Beta 3. Problem still exists.
Another Example: Joystick Tester line 41:
Screen Scale 1,0.75
Brian Flanagan


03:13 PM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #628: LoadMaps now causes a syntax error.
Example: Cybenet demo line 1518. Brian Flanagan

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