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09:21 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #651 (Resolved): X = X + 1 with X being NON intialised cause crashes later in the application
This used to print "NaN"...
// Start of the program
x = x + 1
Print x
Solution: for the main application and ...
Francois Lionet
09:19 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #650 (Feedback): Calling =Font$ with a value of zero reported an illegal function call,
= Font$( 0 ) -> works now Francois Lionet
09:17 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #649 (Feedback): Variable with the same name but being of different types crashed the compiler.
This worked in AMOS (and should not have) and used to crash:
Dim a$( 10 )
a$ = ""
Francois Lionet


05:13 PM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #634 (Resolved): The AMOS demos volumes are no longer accessible.
Francois Lionet
11:36 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #628 (Resolved): LoadMaps now causes a syntax error.
Francois Lionet
11:33 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #622 (Resolved): hrev/vrev block commands
Fixed! Francois Lionet
11:01 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #620 (Resolved): Bob command now fails with type mismatch error even when all parameters are integer.
Fixed! Francois Lionet
11:00 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #619 (Rejected): #caseSensitive tag in IDE.aoz causes a syntax error.
Yes but this is not a "bug" in the transpiler, it is simply doing it's job. So far, all the examples and apps have pr... Francois Lionet
10:51 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #618 (Resolved): Commenting after a Global statement causes syntax error when compiling.
Fixed! Francois Lionet
10:43 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #617: Right$ fails in Amiga manifest. Commas fail in Amiga mode.
Fixed! Francois Lionet

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