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11:20 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #629 (Resolved): Sam Play now causes an Internal error.
Fixed ! Baptiste Bideaux


10:17 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #570 (Resolved): Multiple calls to point function between waits is generating verbose messages in console.
Well, modify your code like this :
For f=1 to 10
Locate 0,0 : Print timer
P=Point (100,100)
**Wait Vbl**
Baptiste Bideaux


03:25 PM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #526 (In Progress): Music not playing in Website demo
The way AOZ procedures are accessed from javascript has changed with the Transpiler updates. The demo will be correct... Baptiste Bideaux
03:21 PM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #459 (Closed): After an error, the editor sometimes loses visibility of text typed. The cursor also disappears.
Fixed since RC2.
Baptiste Bideaux


10:27 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #460 (Resolved): PDF viewer isn't installed in AOZ!
Baptiste Bideaux


09:33 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #440 (Feedback): Load Asset or Sam Play - Causing status of 404 (Not Found)
"Load Asset" and "Sam Play" work. Maybe the WAV file you are using is corrupted.
I'll give you an example that works...
Baptiste Bideaux
08:00 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #439 (Resolved): In the "aoz" manifest, the AOZ Viewer is not centered horizontally.
Baptiste Bideaux
07:35 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #435 (Resolved): Amiga manifest mode using the tag #keepProportions not working
Baptiste Bideaux
07:32 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #434 (Resolved): Mouse position coordinates not correct when screen or window is resized
Baptiste Bideaux


09:21 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #429 (Closed): JUP, JDown, JLeft & Jright
@christever from Discord
JUp , JDown, JLeft and JRight ( allowing to test the joystick and the arrow keys of the key...
Baptiste Bideaux

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